AZXCGleather makes a careful selection of materials, ensuring we work with the best quality products and suppliers to offer long-lasting goods. Leather is a natural material that evolves over time. Just like our skin, it can dry out if exposed to too much light, water and extremes in temperature changes.Taking good care of your leather goods can make your unique pieces last a lifetime.

Taking proper care of your product will allow you to fully appreciate its beauty for many years. Here are a few recommendations:


Give It Some Rest

In order to preserve its looks and beauty, luxury leather goods need to rest. They need a little vacation, more often than you might think. When you are not using your AZXCG leather good, make sure to store it in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. Storing it in a box or dust cover is a really good idea. If it is a bag, place tissue paper or bubble wrap inside to maintain its shape and close all the zippers.


Protect It From Bad Weather

In this case, bad weather is rainy weather, but also a very sunny day, when a ton of sunlight will hit your leather good for a prolonged amount of time. Any source of excessive heat as well as humidity will have a destructive effect on your leather good and might contribute to a change of color over time.


Keep It Away From Water And Potentially Harmful Objects

If your leather good comes in contact with water do not wait and wipe it immediately with a soft lint-free cloth, or water-absorbing cloth.

Some harmful objects can leave permanent marks on the leather. Some examples include: oil-based products (makeup, lipstick...), alcohol-based products (perfume...), any type of ink (pen, marker...),some liquid (like cola, coffee, or anything else)

But just please blot it , do not rub, it may push the water deep into the leather and let the water evaporate by itself because that will cause the least amount of damage. after that , you'd better apply wax, mink oil, a small amount nut oil, or a leather conditioner from an agricultural shop or an online store to help replenish the oils in the leather and keep it supple and help it patina and age. 

Use a very small amount of which ever oil or conditioner you choose, either put a little on your hands or on a cloth and rub gently all over the leather surface – be advised that sometimes the oil/conditioner can darken the leather slightly.


Not To Overload Your Leather Goods

Please do not to overload your leather goods, and do not place objects with irregular shapes that could contribute to your leather good loosing its original shape over time.

After all leather is something that I believe will last you a lifetime of use and joy, but to make that be a long life it must be looked after and cared for just as we care for ourselves.