What is crazy horse leather?

  • Crazy horse leather is a unique material, owing its name to its original use as main material in the making of horse saddles.
  • Crazy horse leathers are produced by applying a specific kind of wax to a full grain cowhide leather surface which has been buffed and smoothed out. This process results in the abrasion of the treated area changing its color.


The Features of Crazy Horse Leather

  • Through the wear and tear, the crazy horse will become a scratched, scratched area and a rubbed area, showing a change of color tone that truly reflects the retro look.
  • Crazy horse leather will absorb the oils from your hands, adding character to your chosen piece.
  • Crazy horse leather is durable, strong, and of course its gives a unique look and feel which combines luxury and antique touch.


Daily Maintenance

  • Please using a soft cotton cloth and leather wax to clean the leather, so as not to damage leather, leather goods don't directly in the water to clean
  • Avoid contact with acid and alkaline substances, corrosive substances, oil
  • Avoid direct contact with sharp and hard objects or friction
  • When the leather be affected with damp, immediately air-dried or dried with a warm wind
  • When the leather to make long-term collection, should be placed moisture agent inside the leather, and with a plastic bag sealed and stored in a cool place


Note: We promise that all products are brand new. However, due to product characteristics, small scratches and fingerprints are inevitable during the hand-made process. Please consider whether you can accept this characteristic of Crazy Horse leather before placing an order.